Christopher McRostie

Chris is a Chair, Non Executive Director, Committee Member, Advisory Board Member, CEO and Company Secretary with over 15 years board level experience. He has sat on the board of: Macquarie University, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance (Advisory Board), the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia and the ASX Corporate Governance Council. He has also sat on numerous Marketing and Sponsorship, Advocacy and Audit Committees. He was the Chief Executive Officer & National Secretary of the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia and the National Director of Business Development at the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries in Australia. He has successfully led organisations through major cultural and transformational changes and has grown membership numbers significantly through marketing campaigns.

A sample of highlights from Chris’s recent past includes:

2011 to presentDepartmental Advisory Board Member, Macquarie University – Department of Accounting & Corporate Governance.

  • Key responsibilities/sub-committees: to provide professional and strategic input that enhances reputation of the University and more specifically the Department.
  • As an Advisory Board we have been successful in getting the Department to look at issues in a holistic and strategic manner v the initial focus on operational issues which were essentially University requirements.
  • Matters now listed on the Advisory Board Agenda for discussion are strategic and risk focused.

June 1998 – Mar 2013: Chief Executive Officer & National Secretary, Institute of Internal Auditors Australia.

  • Led the Institute through a major cultural and transformational change program
  • With the Australian Institute raking amongst four of the top ten Institutes globally, it retained a seat on the Global Board to ensure a voice at the highest level.
  • Elevated the organisation’s profile and influence through advocacy to Australian Government, regulatory bodies, participation in industry bodies, forging relationships with Federal and State Government Ministers, their Opposition counterparts and their advisors and gaining access to a senior policy advisor in Prime Minister’s office.
  • Worked with the Board to achieve the constitutional change needed to introduce a more robust and transparent Board nomination and election. As a result, Heads of Internal Audit from major listed corporations and government agencies sought Board membership.
  • Introduced a formal annual strategic planning process to focus the Board, managers and staff on the tasks that need to be undertaken to achieve objectives and has enabled the organisation to track progress and proactively address emerging issues.
  • Grew the membership significantly through marketing campaigns
  • Launched a well-received revenue generating Chief Audit Executive service focused on the CAEs of the top 50 ASX listed companies and the top 20 public sector federal and state government agencies.
  • Developed a ‘social media’ strategy using LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook.

2003 – 2012:  Member, ASX Corporate Governance Council

  • Major initial achievement was getting IIA-Australia recognised a significant player in the corporate governance space.
  • In the three iterations of the ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines achieving gradual recognition of internal audit by persistence over a period of years by constant lobbying and advocating the importance of the role of internal audit.

1998 – 2012: Board Member and Company Secretary, Institute of Internal Auditors Australia.

  • Audit Committee Member.
  • Chair, Public Relations, Marketing and Sponsorship Committee.
  • Chair, Advocacy Committee
  • Conference Committee, Australia’s annual conferences.
  • Conference Committee, International and Regional 2002 to 2011.
  • Success at Board level was in achieving major governance change over a period of three years that allowed the organisation to recruit volunteers for the National Board, State Councils and general committees in an open and transparent manner.
  • Achieving Board support of a clearly articulated strategic direction policy that enabled me and the small team to increase membership from 1500 to 3500, build and develop sustainable services from ongoing certification program, extensive training offerings to financially successful conferences

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