Courtney Bowie

Courtney is a lawyer and legal services management consultant experienced in litigation and mediation, project and performance management and legal services innovation and strategy. Results oriented, with a professional and collaborative approach, Courtney has been involved in driving successful outcomes in large scale litigation and legal services review throughout her 10-year career in law and consulting.

Courtney provides exceptional experience including:

  • Project managed a comprehensive review of a major Australian Federal Government legal services department, extending to all internal and external legal providers, spend and process Australia-wide, with a focus on mapping, improving and automating for operational efficiency and innovation.
  • Development of legal project management documentation and customisation and testing of specialised legal project management software for Australian and New Zealand law firms and international litigation funders involved in significant, high-profile class action litigation in Australia and overseas.
  • Project managed the tender application process for a group of associated professional services firms seeking pre-qualification under the NSW legal services provider scheme, including development of a project plan, gathering information from departmental heads, interviewing staff and liaising with external consultants, ultimately resulting in successful inclusion of all firms on the panel.
  • Development of a legal services provider panel arrangement, including preparation of a suite of Request for Proposal documentation, for a major State government-affiliated electricity distributor’s legal department.
  • Mediation of law firm performance appraisals for all staff up to equity partner level, including mediation, data capture and development goal setting.
  • Development and management of law firm internal debt recovery strategy.
  • Mediation of witness interviews for a large State Government agency investigation into claims of bullying and harassment, including mediation, data capture and preparation of written records of interview.
  • Project managed the development of a legal services review consulting methodology for use by a legal services management consultancy, drawing on industry leading expertise in change management.