C2010-16 Good Practice Grants Administration

C2010-16 Good Practice Grants Administration

The NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet’s (DPC) Good Practice Guide to Grants Administration has been updated and is available from the DPC’s website.

Departments should review their grants programs and administrative processes to:

* manage risk and streamline procedures to the minimum needed to ensure accountability and value for money

* improve transparency by publishing a rolling calendar of grants, procedures for making grant decisions, reasons for any variations from normal procedures in the granting or refusal of grants, and evaluation of what grant programs achieved and how the distribution of funds has supported government objectives

* set up timely monitoring systems, tie payment to clear performance measures and require the recipient to establish internal controls

* consider using web technology to streamline applications and administration

* reduce red-tape by using standard terminology when dealing with grant recipients, set targets to better manage the time taken to process grants, and consider harmonising requirements such as audit thresholds across different grant programs

* regularly evaluate programs and publish the results.

The Non-Government Organisation Red Tape Reduction report provides further guidance on how grants programs can be improved.

Departments should consider consolidating administration of grants programs where this would improve expertise in grants administration, provide better economies of scale, reduce red tape, or improve program outcomes.