NSW Public Sector Guide to Spotting Procurement Red Flags

NSW Public Sector Guide to Spotting Procurement Red Flags

The NSW ICAC has released a procurement guide to help NSW agencies identify dodgy suppliers, eliminate corruption risks and comply with regulatory requirements.

Among other things, the guide encourages NSW public sector agencies to check along their supply line to make sure they are not receiving goods and services from overseas operators involved in modern slavery or human rights abuses.

The guide is called “Supplier due diligence: a guide for NSW public sector agencies” and provides a blueprint for the conduct of due diligence checks on potential suppliers.

It breaks down five categories of checks for agencies to consider:

Is the supplier genuine?
Is the supplier capable and reliable?
Is the supplier of good repute?
Is the supplier financially viable?
Does it have the required licences, status and authorities?

Although the guide is for the NSW public sector, it is recommended for other jurisdictions as well.

It can be adapted for recruitment, grant allocation and sponsorship arrangements.