Beware Coronavirus Scams

Beware Coronavirus Scams

GRC Services reminds everyone to stay vigilant to scams related to Coronavirus, with one of the latest scams in circulation targeting job-seekers through fake online ads.

Scammers are posting legitimate-looking job ads on official jobseeker websites and asking ‘successful’ applicants for personal information as part of the application process, including:

• current residential address and phone numbers;
• personal bank details;
• tax file number;
• photocopies of passports, driver licences

usually to be uploaded via an email link or through their bogus website.

This information can be used by cybercriminals to carry out identity theft, including opening bank accounts or lines of credit in your name.

How do you stay safe?

Be wary of advertisers or employers requesting the following:

• An upfront fee (e.g. for things such as ‘processing’ your application). A genuine advertiser or employer WILL NOT ask you for money or your bank or credit card details.
• Acceptance of a money transfer where you can retain a portion as ‘payment’.
• Bank or credit card details.
• A copy of your driver’s licence or passport information as part of the application process.
• Tax file number. This information should only be provided once you have accepted a genuine job offer.
• Non-work-related personal information, such as your appearance, or marital status. A recruiter should only need a résumé or CV with basic details about you during the initial stages of a job application.
• Any other personally identifying information.

Always check the legitimacy of any job advertisement, email or employer that seems suspicious before you respond. Large well-known companies, and most medium sized business, usually do not include Hotmail or other free email addresses in their ads.

If you have any concerns, call the company directly to verify. Check their website and other online presence (like social media profiles) through an independent online search.