NSW Government Supplier Code of Conduct

NSW Government Supplier Code of Conduct

The NSW Government has updated its Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Code defines a minimum set of expectations and behaviours for doing business with NSW Government. It also defines implications and penalties for non compliance including termination of contracts, criminal investigation and suspension or removal from prequalification schemes and panel arrangements.

The Code includes many important requirements including:

* Gifts, hospitality and other benefits
* Conflicts of interest
* Confidentiality and intellectual property rights
* Environmental sustainability
* Sponsorship arrangements
* Labour and human rights
* Workplace health and safety

If you are a registered NSW government supplier, you should ensure that all relevant staff read, understand and commit to the Code. Where possible, the key points should be reflected in local policy and staff awareness training.

At a minimum, your staff should know that when conducting business with NSW Government it is expected they will:

* comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and good business practices
* ensure third parties acting on your behalf comply with this code
* act with integrity and openness
* conduct business in an ethical and safe manner
* disclose any perceived or real conflicts of interest
* not discuss or disclose dealings with NSW Government to the media without approval
* pay your suppliers / contractors on time
* protect and prevent the release of commercial-in-confidence information
* ensure the security and proper use of government information, assets and materials
* not offer NSW Government employees/contractors any financial or non-financial benefits
* respond to reasonable requests for advice and information
* report breaches of the code to NSW Government.

You can read the updated code here.