Have Your Say: City of Sydney’s Smart City Strategy

Have Your Say: City of Sydney’s Smart City Strategy

The City of Sydney is seeking feedback on its plans to become a smart city.

The City’s draft Smart City Strategic Framework outlines how Sydney plans to “do more with less” in terms of energy, resources and space thanks to data and “smart” infrastructure.

It proposes five outcomes:

A city supporting connected, empowered communities;
A city fuelling global economic competitiveness and attracting and retaining global talent;
A city future-proofing its environment and bolstering its resilience;
A city cultivating vibrant, liveable places; and
A city providing customer-centric, efficient service delivery

Fortunately, by virtue of the coverage of the proposed five outcomes, it’s not just about smart-city technology (e.g. IoT). The proposed strategy adopts a “problem-driven, evidence-based approach” rather than “installing technology for technology’s sake”.

However it doesn’t altogether overlook smart-tech. The City has the benefit of observing successes and “lessons learnt” from other Australian and overseas Councils. This makes good sense and avoids “reinventing wheels”.

If you want to have your say, you have until Monday 17 February 2020.