Governance in Arts and Culture Entities

Governance in Arts and Culture Entities

The Australia Council for the Arts and the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) have issued a report titled Arts and Culture Governance Spotlight, following a national survey of nearly 1900 not-for-profit sector leaders.

Summary of Findings
Top issues for arts and culture leaders at the board table include:

* The need to boost board representation of people who are young, have a disability, are of Indigenous descent, and are from culturally and linguistically diverse communities
* The lack of formal board reviews (these happen less often in arts organisations than in other sectors), as well as a need to better track board performance
* Lower rates of reviewing CEO performance than in the NFP sector as a whole
* A high level of satisfaction and understanding about board membership and roles
* Less than half of arts and culture board members getting a good induction when joining
* The need for fundraising and governance training
* A lack of tracking of organisational success, with 16% of organisations saying they do not measure this in any way, a finding repeated across all NFP sectors.

The most immediate challenge for arts leaders in light of the study seems to be the need for further training and capabilities in governance, fundraising and business modelling.

Lessons Learnt
Arts and Culture entities can learn from the findings of this study as follows:

* Arts boards should add the report to their agenda
* Conduct a gap assessment against the findings of the study to see how your organisation compares
* Provide training and enhance capabilities in governance, fundraising and business modelling

A copy of the full report can be found here.