Get Ready for Privacy Awareness Week 2020

Get Ready for Privacy Awareness Week 2020

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual event that helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting personal information and helps organisations, government agencies and the public better understand and appreciate the privacy landscape.

This year’s Privacy Awareness Week runs from Monday 4 May to Sunday 10 May.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), along with state and territory offices of Privacy Commissioners, hold a variety of different events and undertake various activities for individuals, businesses and government organisations.

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Start planning now for activities and events that you can run within your own organisation to help raise awareness. For example:

* Run staff training sessions about the importance of data privacy and what they can do to help protect corporate information
* Plan competitions and other events to help raise awareness
* Hang educational posters and screen savers as another means of raising awareness
* Teach your IT teams how to ensure systems are built with a “privacy and security by design” approach
* Teach your business program managers how to conduct Privacy Impact Assessments for business initiatives and data collections
* Run a privacy breach response exercise using a mock-scenario