Webcasting of NSW Council Meetings Goes Live

Webcasting of NSW Council Meetings Goes Live

Around a year ago, we blogged about the upcoming requirement for NSW Council meetings to be streamed. We believe this is a positive control that helps Councillors and Council officers to maintain appropriate conduct and ethics.

The time has come. NSW Councils are now required to webcast their meetings to allow more residents to watch Councillors make important decisions for their local community.

The State’s 128 councils must now webcast their council and committee meetings to increase public participation, transparency and accountability in the decision making process in local government.

It allows residents across the State unable to physically attend council meetings to listen to councillors deliberate on important community issues in real time from the comfort of their own homes.

Webcasting will also assist residents and regulators to monitor, investigate and enforce councillor standards of behaviour at meetings to ensure compliance with council codes of conduct.

Councils have had 12 months’ notice of the mandatory deadline for webcasting their meetings.

Councils have the choice as to whether they livestream meetings or make video/audio recordings available on their websites after meetings.